Peter Williams

Senior Vice President, Agricultural Division

Peter Williams earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness from Arizona State University. Since 1994, Mr. Williams has traded the Soy Complex, Corn and Wheat futures and options on and off the grain floor and for both a highly regarded prop firm as a trader and now as a broker since 2015. His emphasis is in relationships within the Soy Complex, mainly the Crush and oil share.

In 1995, Pete began work at Wiklund Trading, a proprietary group based at the CBOT, rising through the ranks to eventually become one of two group leaders. Mr. Williams also consulted at a major Chicago-based hedge fund for a year in 2011 researching and developing agriculture market strategies and then started his own proprietary trading firm in 2012, Bayesian Trading, LLC. In 2015, Peter began his work with Kent Woods’ team on the brokerage side. Technical analysis, execution efficiency, customer service and process of the trade cycle are key points of his success. Using a multifaceted execution analysis/process allows our team to execute in ways that increases the value of entry/exit points, lowers risk to both parties and gives time back to the customer to focus on other areas of their business