Mike Wisnefski

President, Lumber

Mike Wisnefski brings over 25 years of lumber market experience to HighGround Trading, LLC. He is a driving force of innovation for the lumber industry. In 2009, Mike was the first floor trader in the lumber pit to use a computer in the pit and trade both the open outcry and digital markets simultaneously, then in 2019, Mike founded MaterialsXchange a digital marketplace for the trading trucks of lumber.

Mike knows how important it is to understand the supply/demand dynamics. For the demand side, he grew up working in construction and has a BS – Construction Management from the University of Wisconsin. On the supply side, Mike has traveled across North America and Europe visiting sawmills and logging operations.

Mike’s approach to business leverages the power of technology with market intelligence to build successful business strategies for risk management and speculation. Through his extensive network of industry contacts in the USA, Canada, & Europe, Mike has his finger on the pulse of what is moving the markets.